The dogs listed on this page are not Blue Dogs. The bios and descriptions are not written by Blue Dog. Please contact the individual listed in the dog's description for more information. The referral dogs are dogs (sometimes kitties) from local area animal shelters or individuals' homes that need assistance.

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Blossom is a 1 yo (DOB: 9/20/19), friendly, playful, active 35lb girl. She looks and acts like a Jack Russell mix but according to the person we were keeping her for - she had a DNA test and is a Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Pomeranian, and Pit Bull mix. She is house-trained, spayed, and up-to-date on shots. She knows sit and is learning stay, turn around, up, and lay down. She can be shy for the first minute but is friendly with every person and dog we meet. We are working on her leash skills (she had never been on a leash before us and was allowed to just run free around the neighborhood). While on the leash, she wants to play with all the dogs she passes and gets frustrated when she can’t, and she loves to chase anything that moves (squirrels, cats, toads, bugs). She LOVES to play fetch and is great about bringing you the toy to throw back. We are working on crate training. She goes in with a treat without any issue and most of the time just sleeps but will cry at times without any specific identifiable trigger. She is not quite used to small children (she sniffs and runs away when we encounter them) and can be jumpy and mouthy at times so a home with older children (10 yo and up or if really dog-savvy kiddos maybe 7 yo and up) and/or adults would be best. She would do great with another playful dog (or 2) as well. A family that is active is ideal. She does sleep through the night but would play all day, no naps if it were up to her. I take her on short runs with me, and she does really well with those. Despite her energy, she does like to cuddle especially at night, and will even poke her nose at your covers until you let her under them! A big yard where she can chase balls all day would be a huge plus! Given the circumstances, someone who is willing to keep in touch and share photos/updates from time to time would be the absolute best situation, but we understand that may not be a possibility.

If interested, contact anna.parris AT


Petey is a ~three-year-old lab/hound mix whose ears are as big as his heart—he gives back 100x the love he receives. A good walker and great runner, Petey is just as happy to lounge on his bed or snuggle on the couch, if you'll let him. In short, he's the ideal partner during a pandemic and beyond. 

A quick learner, he knows sit, stay, shake, and place (i.e. bed). Petey is house-broken (though has occasionally had accidents when anxious) and partially crate-trained; as in, he enjoys spending time in his kennel when his owner is home but is not comfortable with the door closed when his owner is gone. We made some progress on this, and more, with Donovan—a trainer at Fidelio Dogs—who has offered a free training session for Petey and his new owners, if in the Austin-area!

Petey’s ideal home is with a single owner, couple, or family—ideally with older children, if any—that can be home often or is/are able and willing to work with him to alleviate his separation anxiety; he's currently on medication for this and we've found that training can help, as well. He does well with other dogs and has been known to co-exist peacefully with cats and even chickens at his dog sitter's. Petey would love even a small yard in which to run and play.

He’s neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all his shots.

Contact elisabeth.m.tone AT gmail DOT com for more info about Petey.


Kona is a great dog, smart, loyal and sweet. Kona is great on a leash (best with harness) and great off-leash on a hike. He loves to go for a run with his person. Kona loves his people. We have had Kona for a year now and he has been the perfect dog until recently. He has started showing aggression toward small children entering our house. We understand there may have been some mistreatment by children before he was rescued and this probably has resulted in his recent behavior. He is great with our kids but we feel he needs an adult-only home. Kona travels well in the car and is easy and happy when we board him if we travel without him. Kona is house trained and does well alone all day while we are at work. We have trained him on some basic commands and he picked those up quickly. He would make a great pet for an active adult. He is 75 pounds, 3 years old, black mouth cur mix. He is in great health and has all his vaccinations. He is on heartworm and flea/tick prevention and we will send those along with him.

Contact Karina at for more info about Kona.