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Imma is approximately 7 years old, spayed, heart-worm negative and update-to-date with vaccinations. She weighs about 55 lbs now.  She looks like a Doberman but is much smaller than a pure-bred. She is extremely sweet to people and loves companionship. She loves running in the parks and has excellent recall. 

Imma was a stray dog for a few months before sent to the animal center. In the past few years living with her, she has been healthy and has good appetite. She loves sitting on a soft bed in the living room. She enjoys swimming too. She can fetch but is still working on returning the ball. She has a soft mouth and is very gentle with people. She loves chew toys, including antler and can entertain herself for long hours. She loves car ride and is often quiet. 
Imma is house trained.  She gets along with some dogs; however, she chases cats, so will need to go to a home without cats.  She is happy to live in an apartment and enjoy occasional walks.
For more info on Imma, contact: Flora Wang Rooker
ph: 512 DASH 663 DASH 4315
email: linglanDOTwangATgmailDOTcom


Donner & Blitzen

Donner, aka The Don, & Blitzen, aka Blitz, are 6-year old yellow lab/mix brothers who are wonderful in all the usual lab ways!!  They are smart, sweet, and just want to make their people happy.  The boys were well-loved most of their lives, but their person recently went into a nursing home and they were surrendered to the shelter in March by the family.  We are currently fostering them, but are unable to keep them past June 1st.  These boys would do best staying together, as they really rely on each other.

Both boys are super smart!  They love having a dog door and learned to use it immediately.  They've never had an accident in the house, never chewed up our shoes, don't mind thunder, etc.  They are sadly heartworm positive, so will need to start treatment as soon as they are in their new home! 

Walks have been very so far, but the boys do not pull on the leash and are content with a slow walk and stopping to smell lots of stuff.

Donner minds his own business around other dogs.  He also keeps an eye on things in the backyard and at the front door and likes to bark at dogs walking past the house.  He's very patient when having his paws wiped after he's been out in the rain.  He is definitely the boss of the pair and seems to enjoy bossing his big brother around.  He just needs to understand the rules and schedule.  Don likes to be outside more than his brother does, napping in the sun and patrolling the fence line, but he mostly likes to be where his people are.  He hangs out with me in the kitchen watching me cook and likes to check to see what I'm typing.  See photo below of that!!

Blitzen is the sweetest dog I've ever known.  He lets his little brother, Donner, be the boss and enjoys his place in the pack.  He is great with backing up, walking sideways and trying to make his big body fit in our tiny house.  Blitz likes to be inside, going out to do his business (always in his yard, not on walks!!) and then comes back in.  He's also good about letting me wipe his paws after going out in the rain and stands quietly while I brush him.  Blitzen searches out his people and watches out for us, even checking on us after he comes in from outside.  He enjoys a quick hello to the dog next door, but quiets down after a few seconds.  He does not react to cats on our walks, but does react some to a wild Chihuahua that lunges at him through the fence.

It's unknown how the dogs are with kids, although both appear to be gentle and polite.  Donner likes to hold on to you with one paw while you are petting him, so he might need a little work on that if a small child is around.  Both would need to be introduced to any other dogs in the family, as would anybody!

Please contact Cynthia at 512...415...5616 or if you are interested in adopting these boys.  If you can't adopt, but would be interested in fostering them starting in June, please let me know and complete a foster application through Austin Animal Center.

Thank you for considering making these wonderful, smart boys a part of your family!!


With a name like "Banjo" how can you resist his charm?  He appears to be a Rottweiler Labrador Retriever mix, full of energy and love.  He was born in late November 2015 and is ready to transition into his forever home.  He is one cute pup that loves to be around people and other dogs.  If you are interested in adopting Cupid/Banjo, please fill out an adoption application on the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue website,, and note Cupid/Banjo!!


Without a doubt, Dancer has some German Shepherd in him!  Look at those ears!  He is one happy go lucky boy who is waiting to find his forever home.  Could you imagine a better combination of dog, Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd!!  He is one of 10 litter mates and can't wait to learn how great life can be in a forever home.  He was born in late November 2015, so is still very young and trainable.  If you are interested in adopting Dancer, please fill out an adoption application on the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue website,, and note Dancer!!


Sweet Clarisse is looking for her new forever home!  She is on the smaller side and was one of the smallest in her litter.  She is looking for a family that will show her the positive and loving parts of life.  She takes a minute to warm up to new dogs, but just needs to learn that people and dogs are great!  We recommend she go to a home with a sweet and calm doggie sibling.  She would make one great addition to any home!  If you are interested in adopting Clarisse, please fill out an adoption application on the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue website,, and note Clarisse!!

Gabriella and Rodrigo

Gabriella and Rodrigo, brother and sister, are Benji type dogs that are looking for a home.  Born about January of 2015, they spent the first year of their life moving from one home to another.  The most consistent thing in their life was each other.  When they came into rescue, they both had severe skin infections with multiple sores, dry skin and tested positive for demadex mange (the non-contagious type of mange). They have had weekly trips to the veterinarian's office for treatments and their  skin is looking much better.  They are both friendly and like other dogs.  They are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and their vaccines are up-to-date.
Gabriella and Rodrigo are very bonded with each other and will need to be placed in a home together. They are being fostered in Austin, Texas. 
More pictures are at this link:
For more information or an adoption application contact kim(at)


Hello! My name is Boss!! Currently, I live here at Austin Urban Vet Center under the care of Dr. Erin Homburg, but I am searching for my forever home. I was surrendered to the clinic because my original owners brought me in to be euthanized because of my ongoing skin issues. Our doctors here saw no reason for me to be euthanized so they have been caring for me since June 2nd.
I am around 3 years old, loveable, playful, housebroken, and I am even trained in basic commands!!  I think I'm a pit bull or a pit bull mix, 70 pounds and brindle & white in color.  I am beautiful... but you can see that, can't you!!  I am heartworm negative, fully vaccinated and neutered. The doctor said I will need to be on a special prescription diet for my skin for the rest of my life. Dr. Homburg will include allergy testing, allergy treatment and 60 days of follow-up skin care for me! I would be best suited for an environment without children or other pets. I love going on walks, swimming and am really content just sitting next to someone providing companionship and love.  Please spread the word and help me find my forever family!
Contact Austin Urban Vet Center for more info on Boss at (512) 476DASH2882 or infoATaustinurbanvetDOTcom .


This soft warm puppy would not be alive except for amazing good fortune. She was rescued from a difficult home, which was about to turn into a very bad home. She came to live with me one week before the Memorial Day flood – and then on the morning of May 25, where she had been living was under four feet of flood water.
But you would never guess given her confidence and cute personality. I think she was always loved, probably by a young child. She seeks out people and dogs, like any normal puppy.
She can easily live with other friendly dogs – she actually will do better that way -- and because she is so young, she is very trainable. At my house, she is inside at night and during the afternoon sharing a room with Bianca, an older lab. She pays close attention, sits, and walks on a leash. Here, there are other dogs and Millie has made friends of every one of them. She is now about six months old, is a lab mix, spayed, is on heartworm prevention and has all puppy shots. She will likely max out at about fifty pounds and look like an adorable small lab (a full-grown lab will weigh about seventy pounds).
Please call or email if you are interested. 512DASH357DASH2897 and ecumberland60ATgmailDOTcom



We are seeking a home for a puppy (pit bullish) that we found in the woods in Jasper, AR.  He is about 1 year old.  When we found him, he was starving and on his own.  We had him neutered, updated vaccinations, and have given him a loving home for about 9 months.

Jasper is very loving and has never been aggressive with humans, but he does have some aggressive tendencies when around other dogs.  He lunges, but does not bite.  We've talked to a trainer who said it is not real aggression and he can be trained.  We list a very active life and take our other dog with us on our adventures, but Jasper can't go because of these issues.

We want to find Jasper a loving home with someone that is trained or has the time to put in with him.  He is very smart, sweet, loves to cuddle and is very active.  He would love a home that could accommodate his energy needs and help him with his behavior issues.

For more information on Jasper, contact Marisa Hinton at marisaj17ATgmailDOTcom.


Hi there! My name is Midnight, in case you couldn’t tell by looking at me. I am a beautiful black lab mix and I am going to be 5 years old. I am super smart and incredibly sweet and gentle. I am house broken, kennel trained, know sit, stay, down, come, and I can walk on the loose leash as well as heel. I will also wait when you prepare my dinner until you tell me that it’s okay to eat. Told ya, I am wicked smart! I also know that when you say “bed,” I should go into my kennel. While I love my kennel, I also love the couch. Oh boy, the couch…. Anyway, I am looking for a new home. My current owners are heart broken that I need to leave them but I need a home where I am the only animal in the house. A forever home where I can be spoiled rotten, where I get to spend most of my day lounging around, go for walks in the evening, and just chill. Currently, I have to share my humans with two other dogs and cats and I don’t get along so well with either. I love children and I am very gentle with them. I have not had exposure to babies but my current owners think I won’t have a problem with them. Sometimes, loud men scare me and I bark at them. Once I realize they won’t harm me, I’ll calm down and let them pet me. I may even ask for a belly rub. Did I mention that I love belly rubs?
I am spayed, up-to-date on shots, and on flea and heartworm prevention. I weigh almost 40lbs and since I am already 5 years old, you don’t have to worry about me getting any bigger. How cool is that? Anyways, if you are looking for a super sweet, gentle lab mix and you don’t have any other animals I would love to meet you. I will even give you gentle kisses and most importantly, I will love you forever!
If you are ready to meet me, contact my family at Five-One-Two-299-Four-Nine-Nine-Two or  My family will want to meet you, see your home, and do some reference checking. There will also be a small adoption fee so we know you are serious about loving me (ideally, you will make the payment out to a charity of your choice and Mom will forward it on). I can’t wait to meet you!!!