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Sweet Roux is Looking for Her Perfect New Forever Home!
We are extremely heartbroken to have to find a new forever home for our sweet Roux-bear. She is a very sweet, loyal, loving, and SMART dog. She is two years old, spayed, chipped and up-to-date on all of her shots. We adopted her at 3 months old and don’t know exactly what breed she is.
With changes in our home we know that she would be more comfortable as an only dog, as well as in a home with older children. While she has had dog friends, she can be overly excited and needs her space. She is very smart and knows sit, stay, heel, come, and fetch (aka “go get it”). Our trainer thinks she would really do well in agility classes also and would do best in a home with a family that has time to work with her training to help her become the dog that we know she can be. This is another reason for wanting a home with no young kids…we’d really like someone to just spoil her rotten and give her the love she needs and deserves.
• Knows sit, stay, come, heel, out (kitchen), fetch
• Kennel/crate trained
• Microchipped
• Sits and stays while food is prepped and put down
• Good with kitties
Check out this site for videos and more pictures:
References are required. Fee is negotiable.
Contact Shelly or Brent Weiser for more information:  shellypaceAThotmailDOTcom  or 

Charlie, aka Pogo

Charlie, aka Pogo, is a 7 month old, approximately 9 pound Yorkie Poo with excess personality and cuteness. He is active, engaged, and busy. If you are doing it, he wants to help! Charlie can jump 4 vertical feet in the air when he is excited. No kidding! He is currently finishing puppy basics and is learning agility basics. He loves to work, so should go to a home with active people who want to do fun things with their dog. He loves children, and is getting along well with the cat at the office, and his foster brothers and extended dog family. Charlie is housebroken, crate trained, walks pretty well on the leash, plays fetch, comes when I call him like a little champ, and will try pretty much anything you ask him to. More photos can be seen at
Charlie comes with discounted training at The Canine Center for Training and Behavior( where he is already a little star. If you have an active lifestyle, would like a little buddy to join you, and a sense of humor, please contact janeDOTdelreATgmailDOTcom  for more information. Charlie is HW negative, up-to-date on vaccines, is neutered.


Ralphie is a 4 year old male boxador . He is very sweet and loving . He likes walks and swimming. He stays in the house while I am at work. His energy level is average. He likes cats and FEMALE dogs. He has never been around children, so not sure how he is with them.  Thank You.

512DASH565DASH8390 Cell


Abby is a gorgeous spayed 3-4 year old Catahoula. She is a wonderful family dog - she loves all people and children. She especially likes car rides. She is house broken, crate trained, and very charming. She could use some leash lessons. She is apparently an alpha female, and she's not happy with my boxer. She ignores cats and seems fine with more submissive (and likely less "colorful" dogs than my boxer)[sigh]. Anyway, keeping them separated is difficult and not fair to poor social Abby. She is a fantastic dog buddy and would like to go everywhere with her people. Please email me at amy122068ATyahooDOTcom for more information on Abby.


This beautiful rescue kitty has been our baby for 3 years. She is an AWESOME kitty: loves to lounge with you, doesn't mind being held, you can even trim her nails! She has excellent litter box behaviors, no hairballs, and does not scratch furniture.  We call her T-Biddy (Cajun French for "lil bitty", even though she is a chunker).
T-Biddy has 2 rescue sister kitties and she is aggressive toward them. We have exhausted efforts to integrate her into the pack and we think it is time for her to find a peaceful home where she can be the superstar. The "Bidz" needs to be an only kitty child. Dogs are cool, we have one and they always have been fine together.
T-Biddy is a healthy girl who I want to re-emphasize - needs to be the only kitty. We think she would be fine with kids, but is not overly affectionate which may be disappointing to children. We often have to isolate her from the family to keep her from bullying her sister kitties. This is heartbreaking; she wants to be hanging out with her people all the time.
Please share or contact us if you are interested in this lovely companion. We are asking for a $50 donation to your favorite pet charity to ensure a safe rehoming for the Fabulous T-Biddy. 
Contact Melissa at 361DASH816DASH2490



My name is Dollie and I'm everything a 13 month old pup should be!! I'm cute as pie, happy, healthy, playful, snuggly and eager to please. I'm a fast learner, too.  (My pics are when I was a youngster of only 9 months old.)
My past is a mystery, but I wasn't a stray pup for long, because I love everybody. Car rides are fun and I'm always up for a new adventure. I'm just looking for a warm loving home to offer me security and affection.
My DNA is a mystery, we're going with beagle/cattle dog mix. Hey… it works and you can see the great result before your very eyes. So check me out in person and you just might be my kind of people.
If you think I would be a good fit with your family, please send an email to rottiewatcherATyahooDOTcom. An adoption application and fee will apply, but I am worth it :o). I hope I get to meet you very soon so we can play. 
Here’s the link to a video starring ME!!  Look at how cute I am!!!



My name is Zach I live in Austin and I am looking for a new home for my sweet 4 year old pit mix female as I will be moving very soon.

Girta is 4 years old. I have had her since she was about 1 year old. I'm going to be moving soon and as much as it upsets me to have to rehome her as I am not able to bring her with me. She is a sweet, sweet girl with a lot of love to give. Girta is spayed and microchipped and has no major health problems. She is good with other dogs of equal or larger size, but can exhibit some prey drive with smaller dogs and other smaller animals such as cats and squirrels. Girta is gentle around kids.

Girta loves to swim (with the assistance of a life jacket), go on walks/hikes, is good on leash and would make a great addition to a family or individual who is active and likes to be outside and go on adventures. Girta has been an inside dog and is house broken and crate trained and loves nothing more than to hop up on the couch and snuggle up after a nice long walk.
I can be contacted at 831 DASH 535 DASH 8632. My email is scheckler7ATgmailDOTcom.


North is a gorgeous, white female pitbull mix.  She is about 8-9 months old, 37 lbs, super cute, and sweet.  She is also house trained, crate trained, knows sit, lay, stay, and we're working on heel on leash.
North has received her initial shots and has been spayed.  She eats Purina One 2x a day. She needs lots of attention and exercise, and is great with kids and other dogs.  She is a little timid around new things/animals until she gets to know them. I have another dog and have been fostering North for about 3 months.  She was a stray in east ATX. 
She really needs to be with someone that can devote more time to training a puppy.  I am back and forth about keeping her, so I will want to meet you and your family to make sure she is going to a GREAT home!
Text or call anytime.  Rehoming fee applies to help cover all costs associated with shots, spay and mange treatment she needed in the beginning.  For more information on North, contact Megan at 409 DASH 739 DASH 6709.


Captain is very playful and loves to be a lap dog, at 72lbs. He's 2 and a half years old and loves to play tug of war with just about anything he can get in his mouth, but a rope would work best. He has a lot of good qualities and will follow you around everywhere you go. He is SO very affectionate and loves to give lots of kisses. He loves to meet new people, and likes to lick or nibble their feet. Captain is as smart as a whip, and would be an excellent family dog given the proper training. This handsome boy will need a firm, patient and experienced person who will take him for obedience training, because he has a tendency to be unruly and forgets who the leader is. He gets along with all size dogs, and even submissive with smaller dogs. He knows how to open a refrigerator and can be a counter-surfer. You'll want to discourage that behavior. Captain is house trained and crate trained. He will bring his own leash, toys, food and crate and 1 month of insurance. Are you the one to put some polish on this rough gem of a dog? Please email for more info.


Stevie is a four year old blind and deaf female catahoula that desperately needs a new home.  She is spayed, current on all vaccinations, on heart worm prevention, and microchipped. After finding her on the side of the road four years ago near Houston I have cared for her and given her a good home.  She is super sweet, playful, very trainable, and loves walks!  However due to circumstances in my life and home I no longer have the ability give her the love and attention she needs and deserves.  Please please help us.

Please call Shelby at 512-922-2759 or email if interested in adoption!


Delightful 1-year old hound mix needs a home.

Dale adores people, but isn’t overbearing. He’s playful and smart, but won’t knock you over to get to his toys. This young fun-loving hound mix is a star in basic obedience and is ready for a family to call his own. A foster would be great, but an adopter would be ideal.

Dale walks well on a leash and often sits by your side without commanding him to do so. He is house and crate trained, neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and free of heartworms. Did we mention he is a snuggle-bug?

Dale’s previous family (mom, dad, two kids) loved him to pieces, but had to give him up when he fought with the neighbor’s dog. Dale lived very happily with his dog “sibling”. However, he is often uncertain about “stranger” dogs. Dale will need continued guidance to learn how to relax around other dogs and to learn appropriate play. He recently graduated from a six-week basic obedience class at The Canine Center for Training and Behavior. Numerous trainer interns from The Canine Center are working with Dale each and every day.

Dale’s previous owners are paying for his boarding, but finances are limited. It’s probably best he go to a home without children. To learn more about this goofy boy and possibly set up a meeting, please contact Lisa at (512) 917-0930.


Duke was born November 26, 2006, and has lived in our home since shortly after his weaning. He’s a sweet, healthy, obedient boy who is playful, enjoys kids, and loves to snuggle. As Duke is getting older, he’s less suited to make the overseas move we have planned and is looking for a new home near to where he has grown up.

Recent experience between Duke and his sons has shown that he is best suited for a home in which he is an only male dog. Duke is a Texas boy looking to live out the rest of his life in a loving home where he can be a part of the family and snuggle his days away.

Contact Rebecca at (512) 632-1811.


Hello my name is Amy Penner and this is Poppie my foster pup. I saved her from Arlington TX off the EU list. She was within hours of being eu'd. I tried to get a rescue group local to me to pull her and I would foster. We just simply ran out of time so I out right adopted her with the intention of re-homing her. I would keep her myself however my resident dog is not happy at all. It is his issues not Poppie's. She loves him. She is great with all dogs she meets.

I really am hoping that she can get some exposure on your site. Do you ever allow your referral dogs come to adoption events? This is one thing I am really hoping for meeting her in person makes all the difference in the world.

I have attached the digital picture and the flyer that I have done up for her that you could use for a description of her.

Thank you so much! I appreciate any help I can get at tthis point.

Amy Penner
512 DASH 468 DASH 6662


Carolina female dog about 3-4 years old -weight about 40 to 50 lbs found in field fending for herself needs a good home. I've had her for a week at my apt she is the sweetest thing ever!!! Very adoptable, maybe will need a little training with leash and being inside. She is SUPER adoptable and I know if she is at your shelter they will adopt her right away because she is super nice- she is good with bigger dogs breeds not small dogs. She is fixed as well I paid for that. I would keep her in a heart beat the only thing is I live in apt and have 2 cats. I picture her in a home with bigger dogs or by herself, with a yard she likes being out side, maybe going on trips to the lake or river or on long walks. She is a true angel and not just an average dog- she is very, very smart!!! If you are interested in helping me find her a good home- please let me know! I have attached a video as well so you can see her temperament and her personality. Thank you, Karina :). Phone: 210-478-6267

Nathan and Girl

These two belonged to a neighbor who had to move earlier this year. We took them in as fosters in order to keep them out of a shelter. They are looking for a new permanent home. Nathan is a rot-mix about 3 years old. Girl is a pit-mix about 2 years old. Both are fixed and in excellent health. Both grew up together around children. Girl is the more outgoing of the two. She would benefit from having a running/hiking partner. So if you are the active type she would be a good fit for you. Nathan on the other hand is more laid back and likes to hang out in front of the tv laying on the carpet. I will be happy to arrange meet and greets if you are interested in either dog. Email Khari at if interested or call 254-493-9894.