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Bocephus and Jessie

Pet's name: Bocephus (Pitbull) and Jessie (GSD mix)
Age: 3 Years and 2 Years 
Gender: Male and Female Breed: Pitbull and GSD 
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes Both of them are 
Behavior/Temperament: Both very loving, loves to play and cuddle. GSD is full of energy .. Pitbull just wants to cuddle and love and play sometimes. 
Reason for Rehoming: My BF passed away recently and I am unable to keep them. I travel for work and also have to move from a house to an apartment … They need room to play and run as they have now. 
Approximate Weight: He is around 85 lbs. and she is around 75 lbs. 
Medical History: both very healthy dogs, the Pitbull does have allergies, special shampoo needed 
Up to date on vaccines?: yes 
Location: Luling, Texas

Contact lizmcgeeny AT


Kona is a great dog, smart, loyal and sweet. Kona is great on a leash (best with harness) and great off-leash on a hike. He loves to go for a run with his person. Kona loves his people. We have had Kona for a year now and he has been the perfect dog until recently. He has started showing aggression toward small children entering our house. We understand there may have been some mistreatment by children before he was rescued and this probably has resulted in his recent behavior. He is great with our kids but we feel he needs an adult-only home. Kona travels well in the car and is easy and happy when we board him if we travel without him. Kona is house trained and does well alone all day while we are at work. We have trained him on some basic commands and he picked those up quickly. He would make a great pet for an active adult. He is 75 pounds, 3 years old, black mouth cur mix. He is in great health and has all his vaccinations. He is on heartworm and flea/tick prevention and we will send those along with him.

Contact Karina at for more info about Kona.

Chloe and Scooter

My brother passed away recently and he had 2 wonderful fur babies that need to find a good home as soon as possible.  The dogs are in Houston, TX.  Ideally, we'd like them to be adopted together, as they have bonded and don't have anyone else in the world now.  No one in the family is in a situation to adopt them, otherwise we would.
Chloe is an 11 year old spayed female brindle and white pit bull mix. This sweet girl was found on the streets by my brother and we suspect she had been thrown from a car while on the freeway as she has some areas that won't grow fur anymore. She has the gentlest manner of eating out of hands and loves to snuggle with people and her stuffed animals.
Scooter is a 6'ish year old neutered dachshund mix.  He is on the anxious side, but has been nice and never snappy to all strangers in and out of the house.  He prefers to be near his big sister Chloe, but also eats out of hands gently and will come when called if he feels safe.
Both Chloe and Scooter love to snuggle and will sleep in the bed, if allowed.  If not, they'll sleep on their doggy beds.  We have all of their paperwork and their shots are up to date.  They are on heartworm and flea prevention.  We have 2 crates and lots of food and toys that will come with Chloe and Scooter.  Also, we are happy to make a donation for care for the first month to get them properly situated.

Please contact June at for more info on these sweet dogs.